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  • Learn More About Your Houston Immigration Attorney

    Immigration is a very popular topic in these recent days as many individuals are fighting for their rights to stay in "the land of the free" while others at the same time are stopping at nothing to keep these "immigrant" from entering their country. Are you one of these individuals who is not a native to the United States and wants to remain here and call our country your home? People come and go ...
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  • Beware of Notario Fraud

    On a drive through Houston's predominantly immigrant communities, you will undoubtedly see many advertisements for immigration legal services. Our city, unique for its abundant diversity, welcomes countless immigrants each year, many of whom will consult with an immigration attorney. Unfortunately, an increasing number of notary publics are preying on clients who make the literal English ...
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  • Bipartisanism and an Appeal to Economics in the GOP's Interest for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    Perhaps we have entered an era in American politics where immigration reform is no longer a partisan issue. Following a drubbing by Latino voters in the recent presidential election, Republicans are going to need to reach across the aisle and attempt to appeal to a growing electorate of Latino voters. Recent nationalist state immigration legislation, backed primarily by Republicans in congress, ...
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  • Getting In Touch With the Firm on Your Social Media Networks

    Immigration is a very hot topic today. As there are many people fighting for immigrants to not be allowed in this country, nor have the right to be employed here, there are also many others fighting just the opposite. Those who have loved ones and friends who are immigrants see the benefit of allowing them to stay, going as far as defending their rights in order to allow them to stay here in the ...
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