Texas Town Bans Rentals to Undocumented Citizens; Appeal in Session

In Dallas, Texas, a suburb has stood by their belief for years. They claim that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to rent homes, because they entered the United States unlawfully. Farmers Branch stuck to its guns when the courts decided to reconsider their law, and have undertaken a long and expensive legal battle to prove their position. Now, Farmers Branch will face another hearing concerning their refusal to rent homes to the illegal aliens in the suburb. This lawsuit has the power to influence the entire national immigration debate because of the serious issues being considered.

According to Fox News, Farmers Branch started its battle with the state four years ago when it passed an ordinance which allowed any city building inspector to evict an undocumented immigrant who was renting in the building. Starting today in New Orleans, the case will now go before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals with 15 judges. Up to this point, Farmers Branch has never been able to enforce their ordinance. But when the court of appeals gave the case a second hearing, it became a beacon of hope for the men and women of Farmers Branch who are hoping to see a victory.

At the moment, Farmers Branch is trying to further intensify their ordinance. They now require all renters to obtain a $5 city license and fill out an application that would ask about their immigration status. After sending in the application, the city’s building inspector has the right to check whether an immigrant applying for a license is in the state legally. Undocumented immigrants can be denied a permit, meaning that they cannot rent a room or apartment.

Those that are already renting can be evicted. In fact, the ordinance says that landlords who knowingly allow undocumented immigrants to stay as tenants can be fined and have their renter’s license barred. While the battle for and against this ordinance is raging, immigrants are at risk to losing their residencies. If you are an immigrant facing possible eviction in Farmers Branch or another area of Texas, then talk to Sebastian Simon to get more information and secure defense.