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Immigration is a very hot topic today. As there are many people fighting for immigrants to not be allowed in this country, nor have the right to be employed here, there are also many others fighting just the opposite. Those who have loved ones and friends who are immigrants see the benefit of allowing them to stay, going as far as defending their rights in order to allow them to stay here in the United States. Do you have a fiancé from another country and you are having a hard time getting their Visa? Are you having other issues with the law because you are an immigrant? Because of these concerns, The Simon Law Group has been established as a Houston immigration firm to help fight for the rights of those who want to stay in our country.

If you would like to learn more about our firm, consider following us on one of the various social media networks. We use Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as a means of getting our name out there and informing people on what is happening in our country. Our hopes is to share relevant news articles about the current happenings here in the U.S. and also share how our firm can help those in similar situations. You will also find updates that we believe will be helpful to current immigrants, and we will also share information about immigration laws as well.

Social media networks are a great way for past and potentially future clients to stay current with what is happening in the world of immigration. It is our goal to come alongside the Houston community and fight for your rights as people, not just immigrants. We understand how sensitive these subjects might be for families, so it is our mission to come alongside you with compassion as we deal with the legal system aggressively. We understand that many individuals are facing deportation for a variety of different reasons, and our firm has experience in deportation defense, we want to help you stay here!

For further information on our firm, you can also check out our Avvo listing, which is a website where both legal peers as well as past clients can rate our firm and our legal services. We hope that by looking at our reviews, you will decide to contact our office for any of you immigration legal needs. If you or someone you know is currently dealing with immigration problems with the law or with their place of employment, consider contacting The Law Offices of Sebastian J. Simon today for the Houston immigration lawyer that you deserve. Don’t wait another moment to take legal action, contact us today!