Union Starts Boycott Against Immigrant Family Owned Business

A known and loved family run grocery store, Mi Pueblo Food Center, is now facing opposition from the unions as well as the federal immigration authorities. What was once a small butcher shop twenty years ago is now a small chain of stores throughout California, 21 total. This business is known for its relations to the Latino community, and yet because the butcher shop is run by an illegal immigrant there are no many forces trying to bring them down.

According to Mercury News, the supermarket unions are now leading a consumer boycott because of their immigrant status, hoping to hurt not only their consumers but also their employees. The union is trying to persuade the company’s employees, 3,200 of them, to join their side, and ultimately is pressuring them with possibilities of screening each of them for eligibility to work in the U.S. as well.

Despite the fact that the company is run by immigrants, does not mean that the consumers are, and yet they are being treated by the union and immigration authorities in the same manner. A spokeswoman for the company claims that they are dependent on immigrants for their employment, and the company upon hiring did not knowingly allow any illegal immigrants into their company.

According to the article, the current Obama administration has been increasing their actions against the illegal immigrants and has led multiple raids into this store, arresting workers and forcing them into deportation proceedings. When an immigrant is faced with the possibility of deportation, a lot can be placed on the line. Not only are they looking at the possibility of having to be sent to their home country, but also the fact that they will lose their job as well.

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