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  • $100,000 for a Green Card?

    Ever since The United States of America arose as a powerful and successful country, many people from around the world have been trying to obtain a Green Card. Being a permanent resident in the US allows people to reside and work in the US, to apply for in-state tuition for college, to obtain a credit line and so on. Due to these advantages many potential immigrants wish to become legal permanent ...
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  • The United States of America breaks new record of deportations

    The U.S. government is working really hard to keep the population of the country as legally as they can. That said the U.S. government has deported nearly to 400,000 people which establishes a new historical record working simultaneously with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) the last 2011 fiscal year. In June, the Government released prosecutorial discretion guidelines which require that ...
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  • DREAM ACT: An exceptional opportunity for undocumented immigrants.

    How can I obtain my permanent residency in the U.S.? This is one of the most frequent questions undocumented immigrants ask themselves. Obtaining a Green Card is a process that involves several obstacles and is consequently complex. Every year many people from all around the globe move to the U.S hoping to have a better life and access to more opportunities for their families and themselves. Over ...
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  • Texas Senate Blocks Sanctuary Cities Bill (The Texas Tribune)

    The state's contentious sanctuary cities bill failed to move out of the Senate late Tuesday - a move some senators said effectively killed one of the most controversial measures the Texas Legislature has considered this session. Check out the whole story here:
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