Immigration News: 541,000+ Migrants Enter the U.S. in the Last 2 Years

Biden's Expanded Use of Parole Authority

Over 500,000 Migrants Welcomed to the U.S.

According to recent news updates, over half a million people have been welcomed into the U.S. under the Biden administration. This increase has been described as the country's "largest expansion of legal immigration in modern U.S. history." But what is behind this increase in numbers? The answer lies in the parole authority law.

In this blog post, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about the government's use of parole authority, including explaining what parole authority is, how the Biden administration has used it, and if it provides permanent residency.

What Is Parole Authority?

Parole authority is a power given to US officials to admit people into the country who don't have visas if doing so promotes an "urgent humanitarian" cause or a "significant public benefit." The executive branch has had this power since 1952, but it has seen minimal use up until recently. However, President Biden's administration has recently expanded the use of this power.

The Biden administration has used the parole authority in several cases, such as allowing Afghan allies entry into the US after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. They have also used parole authority to help individuals stranded abroad due to the pandemic reunite with their families in the US. By invoking parole authority for humanitarian and/or national security reasons, the administration can bypass the cumbersome visa process and bring people into the country swiftly.

According to data obtained by CBS News, thousands of immigrants from the following countries and regions have been paroled into the U.S. since 2021:

  • Cuba
  • Haiti
  • Nicaragua
  • Venezuela
  • Ukraine
  • Afghanistan

These people include migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees, and evacuees.

Does Parole Authority Grant Permanent Residency?

The short answer is, no, it does not. What it does do is provide those brought in under the parole authority law the ability to live and work in the U.S. legally. Generally, immigrants granted entry under parole authority are allowed to live in the U.S. for one to two years, at the end of which they may be eligible to renew.

Typically, if someone is granted entry into the U.S. through the use of parole authority, they are also provided with an immigration court hearing, at which they can request asylum.

Should You Hire an Attorney If You Entered the Country Under Parole Authority?

As previously mentioned, parole authority allows individuals to enter the United States temporarily, even if they might otherwise be inadmissible. However, it does not provide them with an official or permanent immigration status. Given the complexity of immigration law and the parole authority process, hiring an attorney may be a wise decision.

Additionally, if you came to the U.S. under parole authority and want to obtain a visa or explore other more permanent residency options, working with an attorney may be in your best interests. A skilled immigration attorney, like ours at Sebastian Simon Law Group, PLLC, can help you understand both the U.S. immigration process as well as what your personal options are.

Remember, while hiring an attorney if you entered the U.S. under parole authority is not mandatory, doing so can provide you with valuable guidance and increase your chances of successfully navigating the complexities of the U.S. immigration system.

If you have questions about the Biden administration's use of parole authority and how it may impact your own immigration situation, reach out to our law firm today to schedule a consultation.