How to Prepare for a Possible Immigration Reform

Congress is seriously considering immigration reform. For the first time in a long time, there seems to be a good probability of getting something done this year. Nothing can be filed right now but considering that comprehensive immigration reform might be passed this year, we suggest that you start preparing for it.

The first thing you should have is evidence of your physical presence in the United States. You should have documents in your name such as receipts, bills, bank accounts, school records, medical records, car/health/life insurance, pay stubs, and tax returns among other documents.

If you have been arrested or convicted for a crime, it would be a good idea to obtain your criminal records. Also, if you have had any contact with Immigration, you should request a copy of your immigration file, which can be done by filing a FOIA request.

Additionally, you will have to establish your identity. You will need a birth certificate, passport, I.D.s, among other documents that Immigration might require.

Immigration will probably require that you pay back your taxes so it would be a good idea to begin paying your taxes if you have not done so. Note that even if you are undocumented, you may file your taxes by first requesting a TIN number.

Should you have any questions concerning your immigration case, please do not hesitate to contact Houston immigration attorney Sebastian Simon.