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Immigration is a very popular topic in these recent days as many individuals are fighting for their rights to stay in "the land of the free" while others at the same time are stopping at nothing to keep these "immigrant" from entering their country. Are you one of these individuals who is not a native to the United States and wants to remain here and call our country your home? People come and go through the U.S. for various reasons, sometimes for long or short periods of time and in some cases these individuals are unable to obtain citizenship or are being treated of deportation. Is this you? Are you or your loved ones possibly going to have to return to your home country because of the U.S. regulations? Do you fear that you will no longer be able to provide for your family if you are deported from the U.S.? Whatever you concerns may be regarding immigration, look no further than your trusted Houston immigration lawyers at Simon Law Group, PLLC.

Simon Law Group, PLLC is a dedicated immigration firm that seeks to help those individuals in the Houston and surrounding areas that are fearful of deportation or are otherwise struggling with immigration legal details. At our firm we are able to come alongside individuals who are in need of high quality legal representation for whatever their legal needs may be. This includes deportation defense, asylum, family base immigration, appeals and more. At our firm we understand how crucial it is to take legal action when your remaining in the country is at stake, and we want to help you fight to stay here! To learn more about our areas of practice and a general overview of immigration, please click here.

When hiring an immigration attorney you not only want a legal professional with the head knowledge, you want to find an individual who is known for success and experience, and you will find this in Attorney Sebastian J. Simon. As a native from the country of Chile, he understands what people experience in the immigration process because he has walked through every step himself. Simon can empathize with those who are feeling the weight of the immigration process, which is why he has now dedicated his firm to the practice of immigration law and defense, hoping to come alongside those in the Houston are to offer them the legal representation they truly deserve.

Sebastian attended American University in Washington D.C. and received his Master's Degree in International Legal Studies with an emphasis in International Business Transactions. He then returned to Chile to attend the Universidad Diego Portales, School of Law and then decided to come back to the states to practice. He is now admitted to practice law in the state of New York, the U.S. Court of appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the U.S. District Court Western District of Texas, U.S. District Court of Southern District of Texas as well as his home country in Chile. Today as an immigration attorney he is able to offer the legal assistance to his clients that is often rare for those handling immigration law. As an immigrant himself, he is able to not only walk them through every step of the process; he is able to actually understand the hardships his clients are experiencing, firsthand. Personal experience is then implemented into how Simon goes about his practice, as he fights for his client's rights to remain in the United States of America.

As a family man himself, he understands how important it is for those who love one another to be together, and sadly, immigration can often cause problems for individuals who are attempting to marry. For example, if you are an American and your fiancé is currently an immigrant, hiring a skilled immigration attorney to help you is essential to have a greater chance of her being able to live in this country with you. Perhaps you are working in the states in order to send money to your children living in another country? The list of possibilities goes on, and here at The Law Offices of Sebastian J. Simon we want to help you with whatever your situation may be! Sebastian J. Simon has received an Avvo 7.8 Very Good rating, specifically in the area for his professional conduct. This website was designed in order to all past clients as well as legal peers to go in and review certain attorneys. He has received a total of 10 peer legal endorsements as well as 2 past client reviews; to read these, please click here. If you would like to read more about his past and credentials, you can also find Attorney Sebastian Simon on LinkedIn. Here, you will have the opportunity to read about his firm, as well as his different areas of expertise.

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For those of you currently dealing with the weight of immigration concerns don't wait another moment before contacting the Law Offices of Sebastian J. Simon for an attorney who can fight for you! Whether you are in need of legal assistance for the process of filing for citizenship or you are facing deportation for a criminal charge, our firm wants to help you! We are located at 2500 E T C Jester Boulevard #285 Houston, TX 77008. To schedule an appointment, call us at 888-329-1396 today! Attorney Sebastian Simon understands what you are currently experiencing, and no matter the situation he is prepared to represent any and all of your legal needs. Do not wait another moment; contact our office today for a Houston immigration lawyer who will be an advocate for you!