Deportation Efforts Increasing by the U.S. for Criminal Immigrants

According to the Los Angeles Times, the United States Government is taking extensive new measures to deport criminal immigrants. Hiring many new agents to conduct searches of these criminals, they are being placed in charge of making sure that they are sent out of the U.S. They claim that this is no political stunt, but rather a push for change within the country. Reports show that the government has funded at 25% increase of task force agents that are now working specifically to find immigrant criminals.

Over the past few years the numbers of deportations has greatly decreased in the U.S. This is likely due to the fact that there have been less people illegally crossing over the Southern borders from Mexico and South America. Concerns have risen that suggest that the officers have been given monthly quotas of fifty fugitives per team a month, while documents have been found that say this, the ICE officials deny that it is true. This causes the issue of political involvement to be questioned, as Obama is seeking another election term, many are wondering if the increase of fugitive taskforces is being increased to help his numbers.

In contrast, many would say that these actions wouldn’t please the Latino supporters who are currently some of Obama’s biggest supporters at the moment. Whatever the case may be, more people are going to be arrested if they have any sort of criminal record, with the goal of having them deported from the United States. If you are an illegal immigrant being accused of a crime, or have any sort of criminal record, don’t feel as though there is no hope left. Contact the Simon Law Group today for the immigration defense attorney that you need. No one deserves to be sent out of the United States unfairly, we want to fight for you!