Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Union Starts Boycott Against Immigrant Family Owned Business

    A known and loved family run grocery store, Mi Pueblo Food Center, is now facing opposition from the unions as well as the federal immigration authorities. What was once a small butcher shop twenty years ago is now a small chain of stores throughout California, 21 total. This business is known for its relations to the Latino community, and yet because the butcher shop is run by an illegal ...
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  • Federal Agents in Texas Arrest Migrant Smugglers

    The Texas border is lined with patrols who work to catch illegal immigrants trying to make their way from Mexico up into the United States. For many Hispanic families, the United States is a respite from the violence and drug wars that are occurring in their homeland. While these immigrants don’t have legal documents to justify their residency, they often fight to stay in the United States anyway. ...
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