Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • Obama Administration To Stop Deporting Younger Undocumented Immigrants And Grant Work Permits

    As the NY Times reports today, the Obama administration might finally stop deporting young undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have not otherwise break the law. This is a welcome move from the Obama administration. These young undocumented immigrants will have to show they were brought to the United States before they turned 16 and are younger than 30, have been in the ...
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  • Prosecutorial discretion

    I read this article on Citizen Orange. It's interesting to see how the prosecutorial discretion initiative has not been as successful as one would hope. As the article mentions, ICE has only closed 1.5% of the cases that it reviewed which is a very small number of cases. This number gets even worse when it comes to ...
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