Prosecutorial discretion

I read this article on Citizen Orange.

It's interesting to see how the prosecutorial discretion initiative has not been as successful as one would hope. As the article mentions, ICE has only closed 1.5% of the cases that it reviewed which is a very small number of cases. This number gets even worse when it comes to detained cases. In effect, only .07% of detained cases reviewed by ICE have been closed. This is unfortunate.

The Morton memo gave ICE broad discretion to close removal cases of those individuals whose cases are considered "low priority" but evidently ICE has not closed as many cases as it could. ICE should exercise prosecutorial discretion more frequently; this would reduce the number of cases filed in immigration court and it would lower the workload immigration judges have right now. It would also allow ICE to focus its efforts and resources on removing those individuals who actually represent a danger to the community or national security of the U.S..