Blog Posts in September, 2010

  • Court Rejects a City’s Efforts to Restrict Immigrants

    A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a lower-court ruling striking down ordinances adopted by the City of Hazleton, Pa., that banned illegal immigrants from renting housing or being employed there. "It is of course not our job to sit in judgment of whether state and local frustration about federal immigration policy is warranted," the judges wrote. "We are, however, required to intervene ...
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  • Number of illegal immigrants in U.S. drops, report says

    A deep recession and tougher border enforcement have led to a sharp decline in the number of immigrants entering the United States illegally in the past five years, contributing to the first significant reversal in the growth of their numbers in two decades, according to a new report by the Pew Hispanic Center. However, as evidenced the article I posted in my previous post, there are many people ...
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